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Snake Earrings

Snake earrings hold a wealth of deeper meaning, touched by prestige and luxury.

These snake earrings are expertly handcrafted with sparkling stones, diamonds, and fine metals.

Snake Ear Cuff Earring
Mini Diamond Snake Huggie Earring
Diamond Snake Hoop Earring

Invite the mystery of snakes into your fine jewelry collection with snake earrings fashioned into lightweight designs, perfect for mixing and matching with complementary pieces.

Snakes shed their skin several times a year as they grow, symbolizing rebirth and renewal. These creeping reptiles represent regeneration for the mind, body, and spirit, with increased mental clarity and heightened intuition. Wear snake earrings as a reminder of your inner strength and resourcefulness.

Snakes also provide energetic protection – show off your snake earrings and reverse evil eye and negative vibrations. Attract good luck, fortune, and opportunity in any circumstance with the beauty of snake earrings, fit for any queen.

Porter Lyons snake earrings are the perfect choice for your ear canvas, whether intermingling with additional snake earrings or worn on their own. Pair them with snake bracelets or snake necklaces for a themed look.

Our Mini Snake Threaded Flat Back Earring features texture and sparkling stones. Different post lengths offer comfort and versatility to this airy earring, ideal for your chosen piercing. Want to try a more daring earring? Our Cobra Drop Earrings are handcrafted utilizing backbones of snakes dangling from delicate chains, all in a rich shine. Huggie earrings are always on-trend, and super-chic with endless styling options due to their small mm (millimeter) and diameter size. Choose our Mini Diamond Snake Huggie, complementing studs, threaders, and more with its easy-to-wear hinge closure.