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Emerald Rings

Say it with your hands in Porter Lyons’ enticing mix of emerald rings. 

These emerald rings are awash with green, in surreal designs from the symbolic to reptilian.

Emerald Gator Ring
Emerald Snake Coil Ring
Collection of Evil Eye Emerald Rings

Rings round out the best jewelry wardrobes, and hands extend prime real estate to atypical designs. They add an element of surprise to any outfit. Emerald rings, anchored by the glamour of the gem’s rich green tone, are proof positive. Porter Lyons utilizes emerald’s sheen in surreal symbols that can be stacked or worn alone.

Feeling bold? Try our Coypu Skull Ring, which features emerald teeth. The silhouette was inspired by the little beaver, a species indigenous to South America and brought to the Louisiana bayou in the 1930s. It is a chunky style based on a classic silhouette from our archives. For a more tame design with a similar spirit, enter our Emerald Gator Ring: an open band style featuring round cut emeralds with a diamond baguette accent. Our Yin Yang Ring is another contender, symbolizing harmony through a mix of emeralds, diamonds, and enamel.

Whichever emerald ring you choose, caring for fine jewelry is an important consideration. Emerald is a relatively hard stone, which makes it a durable and practical choice for accessories. But that does not protect it from abrasion. Rings by nature experience more surface contact than other jewelry.

All pieces touch our skin, but rings also face the places where our hands go: accidently grazing a wall, banging against a desk, or being coated with elements of our skin care routines. Gently washing emerald rings in warm water and soap, as well as storing them away from other gem-encrusted jewels, will keep them in their best shape.