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Snake Rings

Slithering Into the Newest Trends

Snake Rings: Symbolic in Meaning, Honored in Nature

Snake Coil Ring
Ruby Snake Ring
Emerald Snake Ring

Snake rings have always been on-trend, wrapping the finger as they sparkle with gemstones and diamonds, beautifully crafted with fine metals of all colors. What is it that captivates with snake rings, drawing the eye with their mysterious presence, reminiscent of the living reptiles found in nature?

Snakes and serpents are distinctive in appearance, containing anatomy that makes them truly unique, allowing them to ingest surprisingly large specimens. Snakes shed their skin several times a year, regenerating as they grow larger, with the skin unable to cover their new size.

As an animal totem, the snake represents a renewal of positive spiritual energy and life force, shedding the skin or outer layer of what no longer works with you as you grow and change, ever-evolving and learning new things throughout your years and experiences.

Snakes are also known as stealthy and wise, weighing their many options as they slither through nature, unnoticed. Snake rings can be worn as symbols of rebirth and are also considered tokens of good luck–wear snakes as an ode to ancient hidden knowledge, embrace newness and fresh starts. Attract fortune from unknown sources or career advancement with the power of the snake.

Porter Lyons offers unique snake ring designs, perfect for complementing your stacked ring collection or worn solo as the main focal point. Choose the imaginative Snake Coil Ring with its gorgeous interplay of round cut emerald eyes and a glittering trail of round brilliant cut diamonds. The scalloped detailing of this wide band brings the snake to life, artfully sculpted with solid gold. Are you seeking something delicate and airy? Allow this ruby Snake Veve Ring to entice you with its graceful looping of solid gold, thoughtful placement of rubies, and sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds.