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Flat Back Earrings

Shop our expressive collection of flat back stud earrings, made for every mood and moment. 

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Flat Back Earrings Offer Comfort With a Polished Look

Diamond Flower Threaded Flat Back Earring
Yin Yang Threaded Flat Back Earring
Lune Cachée Threaded Flat Back Earring

The appeal of flat back earrings highlights our motto of “Never take me off.” Sitting at the intersection of form and function, Porter Lyons’ signature mix of intricate and whimsical design brings these tiny creations to a new dimension. And given their size, this trove of flat back earrings punches far above its weight.

Their distinguishing feature is our signature engraved evil eye flat disc that screws into the post of the stud—hence, their alternative moniker of threaded earrings. The mechanism secures the earring in place while lying comfortably against the ear. This gives flat back earrings a more polished look on the underside as well as being a clean and comfortable option for new piercings. Say goodbye to your traditional butterfly-back earrings that poke you when you sleep.

The site of a new piercing is a sensitive area, so consideration for the type of piercing jewelry chosen is crucial. Internally threaded jewelry, where the backing screws into the post instead of outside it, remains a safe choice as these pieces are made with higher quality metal. And with the backing screwing into the post’s channel instead of going through the skin, there is less of a chance for bacteria build-up or skin tissue damage.

Practicality aside, flat back earrings are a prime opportunity to amass styles that reflect our personalities. And with over 10 sites on the ear to adorn with piercings, there is plenty of space to parade a collection. Look to studs to outfit tragus, rook, conch, flat, helix, and lobe piercings. Available in varying post lengths, flat back earrings enhance them all.