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Evil Eye Jewelry

Available in contemporary or vintage-influenced designs, evil eye jewelry is appreciated worldwide for its striking appearance and mystic attributes. 

What Is the Significance and History of Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil Eye Rings
Evil Eye Lash Necklace
Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil eye jewelry is revered throughout many cultures and ancient traditions, recognized today as a potent source of divine protection for its unique spiritual properties. Not only is evil eye jewelry distinctively beautiful, but there is also significant meaning behind its mesmerizing designs, often created with colorful stones, diamonds, and rich enamel/lacquer.

The mysterious evil eye carries power over life, protecting the wearer from negative vibrations and curses sent from other individuals, or those who cast the evil eye. The evil eye may be sent to someone consciously or unconsciously, affecting them in the astral realm with an intent to cause harm, derail success, and stop them from reaching their full potential, thwarting progress toward deeply held dreams, hopes, and goals.

The evil eye doesn’t necessarily originate from any one culture, yet is often tied to Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, and Jewish religions. Belief in the evil eye dates back to the 6th century BC. Evil eyes were hung as ornamental decorations, a magical method of preventing detrimental circumstances and dangerous events from occurring.

Evil eye earrings, such as the Mini Emerald Evil Eye Flat Back Earring studded with diamonds and emeralds, make the perfect choice for an understated style entrenched with tradition. Evil Eye beaded bracelets stacked with each other or with gemstones offer a powerful infusion of metaphysical properties punctuated with color for an eclectic look. Select an evil eye pendant necklace made to get noticed, yet perfect for layering, like our edgy Evil Eye Lash Necklace. Or make a statement in memorable style with our glittering Evil Eye Protector Ring.