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Piercing Appointment FAQ

Have questions or concerns about your upcoming piercing appointment? Consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions below, with answers from our dedicated piercer.


Does it hurt?
Most piercings can be described as a pinch and pressure. Some have a little more pressure than others. Every piercing in every placement will differ, even on both ears.

Why can't I be pierced with a hoop?
The hoops styles are designed for healed piercings and to have a more aesthetically pleasing look. Initially they do not accommodate local swelling and the designs can easily come out of fresh piercing. To avoid healing complications and plan for a better fit after it's healed, we suggest using our threader flatback styles to be pierced and heal with. The only piercing we will use with a ring or hoop style are the Daith and Septum.

What should I expect after I'm pierced?
You should expect local swelling, redness, and slight irritation to the area around the piercing. The next day you might have some dry blood or hardened secretions around the piercing jewelry itself. Remember to not move or twist your jewelry back and forth.

Can I be pierced while pregnant?
No. No reputable piercer will willingly pierce someone who is currently with child. While the chances are low, piercings can lead to an infection or complication in which could have negative effects on the the pregnancy or fetus. We feel it's more important to allow your body to undergo it's complex, important task involved in pregnancy and not chance that with trying heal a new piercing.

Should I downsize my piercing?
Yes. Once your piercing has healed and local swelling has subsided it's a good idea to downsize your Threader Flat Back. Jewelry that is worn after that period, with longer backings can be prone to snagging, moving excessively and cause renewed swelling and irritation. Also, if slept on over long periods of time it can offset the angle you were initially pierced with.

How many piercings can I get at one time?
We recommend no more than 3 in one sitting. This is also dependent on placements and your unique anatomy. The piecer might also have recommendations as well to ensure the best healing outcomes and comfortability.

Are appointments needed to get a piercing?
While appointments are preferred, they are not required. We offer walk-in services for piercing and jewelry installations depending on availability. To secure a time, please book an appointment here.

Do you pierce with a gun?
All piercings are performed with a pre-sterilized, single use needle. Never with a gun or hand pressurized device. They cannot be properly sterilized, can cause significant tissue damage and use jewelry not suitable for proper healing.

Can I be pierced with jewelry not made by Porter Lyons?
We only use Porter Lyons jewelry for initial piercing services.

Can I be pierced with jewelry I've purchased previously from Porter Lyons?
To ensure proper healing and a sterile process, we only perform new piercings with newly purchased, unworn jewelry.

Do you offer piercings for minors?
Please refer to our Minor Piercings FAQ for information on offerings for minors.

Have more questions? Send an email to our dedicated piercer, Ivy, at