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Emerald Necklaces

Be seen green with Porter Lyons’ emerald necklaces. We reimagine the precious stone in unexpected shapes to capture every whim. 

Our emerald necklaces take inspiration from nature, anatomy, and our New Orleans roots.

Anatomical Emerald Heart Necklace
Emerald Alligator Necklace
Snake Necklace With Emerald Eyes

As a precious gemstone, emeralds are well-known for their use in fine jewelry. We gravitate towards its bright hue for emerald necklaces, which seems to punctuate every design with a striking glow. The color green has that effect. It has come to symbolize rest, calm, ease, and trustworthiness. And nowhere are these traits more recognized than within the natural world.

Porter Lyons’ emerald necklaces take inspiration from nature, anatomy, and our New Orleans roots. They inject playfulness into the storied world of gemstone jewelry, fashioned with considered craftsmanship. The Emerald Gator Necklace is a prime example. It was the first piece designed in our Alligatorea collection, and features a mix of scattered emerald and diamond stones in the outline of an alligator. The emeralds bring an audacious element to the necklace while underscoring heritage and legacy.

When it comes to layering, emerald necklaces offer a solid foundation to build a collection around. Given their statement shapes and depictions, allow the green pieces to take center stage. A simple link chain or our Sacred 5 Emerald Station Necklace is the perfect pairing for a bolder necklace. And with an adjustable length, it is easy to customize your stack to your tastes.

That said, emerald necklaces can still be an everyday piece. Whether worn to symbolize a birthday (it is May’s birthstone after all), or as a testament to your favorite color, emerald jewelry complements all metals and styles. It is an effortless addition to any wardrobe, while still holding a distinct presence.