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Piercing Earrings

Fanciful studs, flat back earrings, and dazzling hoops take the prime-time slot for earrings for new piercings.

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The best options for piercing earrings should blend the personal and practical.

Diamond Threaded Flat Back Piercing Earring
Flat Back Piercing Earrings
Piercing Earrings in Ear

With our New Orleans ear piercing studio, we think a lot about ear stacks at Porter Lyons. Which is to say, we think (and talk) a lot about piercing earrings. They are signature pieces for us and we continue to design our collection with personality and quality in mind.

Piercings come with their own set of questions. Here are a few that we receive often:

What are flat back earrings and how are they different from other styles?

As their name implies, flat back earrings have a flat backing that holds the post of the earring once it is screwed in. The design offers comfort all day (and night!) for long-term wear.

How do I determine which post length to get for a new ear piercing?

For new piercings, we recommend that all post lengths be either 6.5 mm or 8 mm, depending on the location of the ear. These features give the new piercing enough wiggle room to permit swelling and proper healing. Check out our Ear Piercing Guide for more details.

Where is the best place to wear each style of piercing earrings?

Most piercing earrings can be worn in any location on the ear, but some styles work best in specific places. Hoops are great for the lobe, helix, and daith, and tragus. Side note: while a stud is recommended for initial piercing healing of the tragus, hoops and studs work in most locations to fit the vibe you’re going for.

I have sensitive skin; what materials should I look for in piercing earrings?

Titanium grade steel and solid metals are always great choices as they are nickel-free and hypoallergenic. We use solid 14K gold in our piercing earrings to avoid skin irritation and to ensure longevity.