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Snake Necklaces

Porter Lyons evokes a bohemian style for these handcrafted pieces, making each snake necklace a unique treasure to own.

Symbology of Snake Necklaces

Original Sin Snake Necklace
Mini Snake Necklace
Mississippi Snake Necklace

Invite the mystery and magic of snakes into your life and contemporary fine jewelry collection with a unique snake necklace, made for the daring, yet perfect for wearing on any occasion. Sparks of imagination using diamonds, precious gems, and premier metals fashioned into unique works of wearable art bring these snake necklaces to life. Harness the infinite hidden wisdom and knowledge these smart creatures are said to have, wrapped into a stunning snake necklace.

Porter Lyons features original snake necklaces, designed to be layered or worn solo. Our Mini Snake Necklace features solid gold, certified diamonds, and a rich shine, bringing out the details of this enchanting creation. A snake slithering across a cable link chain in a curved “S” shape elevates this necklace to another level of intrigue.

Seeking something with a daring style? Our Original Sin Necklace is fashioned with a snake entwined around a classic bar pendant. Glittering round brilliant cut certified diamonds, with emeralds nestled within the snake’s eyes, give this snake necklace dimension. A ruby-studded apple within its mouth adds poignant meaning.

Slither into the hottest necklace layering trends with our Mississippi Snake Necklace. A statement-worthy snake pendant rests on a cable chain glittering with round brilliant cut diamonds and glowing emerald eyes.