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Snake Bracelets

Wrap yourself in something divine with these slithering, seductive snake bracelets.

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Snake RADA Bracelet - Porter LyonsSnake Rada Bracelets with Baron Samedi Earrings

The Mystery and Meaning of Snake Bracelets

Snake Rada Bracelet
Original Sin Snake Bracelet
Snake Jewelry

Do you love snake jewelry? Consider snake bracelets, a unique way to showcase your admiration of these mysterious reptiles. Slithering designs featuring creeping, graceful shapes align beautifully with your layering bracelet collection, or wear them solo as the main focal point of your everyday wardrobe. Take a chance on a confident look made to get noticed yet understated enough to be worn any time. Porter Lyons features inspiring snake bracelets that fuse timeless luxury with contemporary style elements.

Snakes are designated by their scale exterior color and patterns on the skin, making each snake variety stand out. As an animal totem, snakes represent hidden wisdom and ancient knowledge, heightening your intuition and reawakening the senses. Snakes shed their skin several times a year, symbolizing a renewal of life and life force through. Keeping both your “feet on the ground” even when you are busy makes those who have snakes as their animal totem clear thinking and strategic in their efforts.

Snakes also represent immortality and endless transformation, making a beautiful snake bracelet the perfect reflection for these divine reptiles because of their closure, creating a circle. The Snake RADA Bracelet, inspired by the snake's ability to attract love, luck, and fortune to them, is a rounded bypass bangle featuring two textured snake heads facing each other in a combative state of prestige.

Are you seeking a snake bracelet to add to your layered bracelet collection, for work, or after hours? Our Original Sin Snake Bracelet features a delicate cable chain with an entwined snake bar pendant, fusing an airy design with handcrafted detailing.