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New Orleans Jewelry

Porter Lyons

Visit Our New Orleans Jewelry Store at 623 Royal Street

Porter Lyons is a New Orleans-based jewelry line founded by designer Ashley Porter. The brand began as a collection of exotic skin belts before venturing into fine necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. As a whole, the Porter Lyons ethos continues to extend beyond jewelry, and places value in the cultivation and care of every design. Design is a creative vehicle to celebrate the flourishing of culture. Each collection is inspired by a specific culture, with a portion of sales benefiting an organization working to preserve the richness of that place.

Combined with a unique take on stud earrings for women and other 14K gold jewelry, Porter Lyons puts a signature New Orleans aesthetic on every piece. We welcome guests to the store to see the latest jewelry collection in person, or schedule an appointment for a new piercing.

Porter Lyons

Now Open: Ear Piercing Services in New Orleans

Whether you’re looking to get that second or third ear piercing, or are brand new to the art of ear curation, Porter Lyons offers luxury ear piercing services at our jewelry store at 623 Royal Street.

Our experienced piercer pierces only with Porter Lyons’ solid 14k white, yellow, or rose gold flat back earrings that are nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and designed for comfort. We offer ear piercings in every section of the ear including lobe, upper lobe, tragus, helix, forward helix, antitragus, inner helix, conch, contraconch, rook, and daith, as well as nose piercings.

Walk-ins are accepted, but we do recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure open availability and limited wait time.

Porter Lyons