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Setting the Stone

Ten distinguished Porter Lyons signature settings, each designed with intention and customizable for your choice of unique stone to tell your personal love story.

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by Porter Lyons

"This collection embodies profound love and goodness, where each setting carries a meaningful intention, and every stone exudes a captivating beauty that mirrors the essence of the soul.

Our bridal collection dares to embrace the unconventional, featuring center stones that evoke celestial splendor, like the galaxies above, with stunning salt and pepper diamonds, as well as delicate yellow diamonds and mesmerizing Montana sapphires.

With our wide array of settings, you have the opportunity to embark on your own unique journey and select a stone that resonates with your love, ensuring a treasure that will be cherished for generations to come."

- Ashley Lyons Porter, Founder + Designer

The Custom Experience

While all of our setting designs are completely customizable, Porter Lyons also offers the Custom Experience to work one-on-one with our founder + designer to create a piece that is tells the story of your love from start to finish.