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Daith Piercing Jewelry

Fine jewelry for the simply unique allure of the daith; prepare for a swarm of double takes and compliments.

A Snug Fit Defines Daith Piercing Jewelry

Diamond Barbell Daith Piercing Earring
Summer Time Daith Piercing Earring
Daith Piercing Earring

Deciding on a new piercing? Daith piercings add heft to a curated ear stack. Sitting at the very crux of the helix, the outside fold of the ear, this area is a bit more flexible than other sites filled with the same connective tissue known as cartilage. This ear piercing location is also central in the inner ear as it is surrounded by the tragus, antitragus, and rook sites.

With its ridge, daith piercing jewelry is designed for a snug fit. You may even find that the same pieces used to fill the rook also work well in the daith. This is true of a curved barbell, like our Double Diamond version. The arched structure gives the earring a fluid shape and allows one end to be pushed through the piercing, capped off by the other end. Solid 14K gold is accented by two Kimberly Certified diamonds, a United Nations mandated certification that ensures diamonds are conflict free.

Another choice for daith piercing jewelry is our Lock Hoop. The diamond earring was crafted to sit specifically in the daith. It is encrusted on one side and left smooth on the other to lay easily on the ear; a lock closure holds it all in place. And in case you needed more reasons to love it, this daith piercing jewelry can also double as a piece for septum piercings.

Part of our new piercing collection, our Diamond Snake Daith Lock Hoop is available in two sizes: 8mm or 9.5mm. Our Diamond Snake Hoop redesigned specifically for the daith, this piece is our latest offering from our Serpentine collection

What separates daith piercing jewelry from other piercing earrings is that they hug and conform to the ear. Find one that is your natural fit.