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Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are piercing essentials for a reason—stock up on these precious pieces for an ear party that stuns. 

Stud earrings can be worn all day and night without sacrificing comfort.

Collection of Stud Earrings in Ear
Mushroom Stud Earring
Spike Threaded Stud Earring

The starting point for filling a new piercing begins with a stud. Their singular shape is simple and small enough to occupy the space. They also allow the skin to adjust to having a new material live in such a sensitive area. Our ears are delicate; the skin here is similar to the skin on our face and eyelids. Porter Lyons’ stud earrings are crafted from solid metal to relieve irritation and are designed to fill ear piercings in a personal and stunning way. This jewelry brings the light, whether choosing one as an accent or as a way to illuminate the entire ear.

Throughout history, earrings have consistently evolved in shape, trend, and meaning. Stud earrings, particularly stud earrings for women, have remained the throughline as they are lightweight and easy to wear. They do not distract from other jewelry or apparel, acting more as a complement to your favorite necklace or even large-scale hoop earrings.

With flat backings, stud earrings can be worn all day and night without sacrificing comfort. Styles that include a metal butterfly backing are kept in place with this secure closure.

Stud earrings are distinguished from other ear adornments because they easily fit into every piercing site. Use them to outfit unexpected places on the ear like the inner and outer rook, daith, and contraconch. Easy-to-open closures allow you to swap between favorite styles often, with room leftover for the classics. Here, stud earrings for women prove to be an added opportunity for self-expression.