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Rook Piercing Jewelry 

Earrings to Fill the Rook That Are Subtle in Size, but Audacious in Detail

Rook Piercing Jewelry Makes a Subtle Statement in an Ear Stack

Rook Lock Hoop
Diamond Rook Lock Hoop
Diamond Barbell for Rook Piercing

As far as inner ear piercings go, the rook is a bold choice. But its unusual location at the beginning of the ridge also makes it the perfect spot for a hint of shine. If you’re looking for a new piercing to round out your ear stack, this is it.

Rook piercing jewelry is a blend of delicate and daring details. The cartilage site requires smaller piercing earrings to fill it, so we look to classic styles for inspiration. The standard barbell shape on our Double Diamond Barbell is one example. We’ve taken the single earring and curved it to fit into the rook seamlessly. Like all of our pieces, the barbell is crafted in solid gold for longevity and as a hypoallergenic solution for sensitive skin. Bezel set diamonds in two sizes caps off the piece for a stunning fine jewelry emphasis in your everyday wardrobe. This rook piercing jewelry also works well in the upper lobe to give a floating diamond effect.

Another timeless option is our Lock Hoop. It too pulls double duty as an earring for rook and second hole piercings. The tiny design is brought to life through rows of pavé cut diamonds set in solid gold. A simple lock mechanism secures the earring in place for all day wear.

Attention to aftercare is important for new piercings. Simple steps like washing it daily with soap and warm water, and being careful not to sleep on it, will help your rook piercing heal fully. And the sooner it heals, the sooner you’ll be able to play around with new rook piercing jewelry!