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Hoop Earrings

A well-rounded collection begins with a hoop; find the perfect match with stand-out takes on the classic.

The role of hoop and huggie earrings in piercings is clear: hoops remain unmatched.

Collection of Gold Hoop Earrings
Geometric Hoops in Ear
Collection of Snake Hoop Earring

Hoop earrings are a sartorial comfort. Their familiar silhouette has maintained relevance across generations, establishing them as a natural fit for any look. These are foundational accessories. Hoop earrings and their smaller companion, huggie earrings, take up space. And with variations in size and style, both ear adornments ground the impact of multiple piercings.

This is precisely why hoop earrings lend depth to everyday jewelry. Whether choosing ones crafted from solid metal or those bezel set with diamonds, their volume complements the sprawling effect of flat back earrings. It creates an aesthetic balance that punctuates our daily routines with brilliance and symbolism—hoops often serve as a representation of unity, strength, and infinity. Technically speaking, the special locking mechanism on hoop earrings used for multiple piercings keeps them secure all day long.

While our ears can hold quite a bit of jewelry, hoop earrings tend to work best on specific sites. We’re used to seeing them snake up the outer shell of the ear along the lobe and helix. Here, hoop earrings play anchor, rooting the pieces we use to fill additional piercings. To have them function in other spaces requires a slight adjustment; these inner sites need something snug. The size of huggie earrings makes them perfect for adding a hoop to harder-to-reach areas, like the daith, antitragus, and conch. Huggies, aptly named for their ability to embrace the surface, are a fun way to cuff extra gems on the ear. With this, their role in piercings is clear: hoops remain unmatched.