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Minor Piercings FAQ

Porter Lyons offers piercings for minors at our staff's discretion and upon meeting the specified criteria.

We offer first lobe piercings for ages 10 and older.
We offer outer helix piercings for ages 14 and older.
Nostril and inner ear piercings (rook, daith, conch...) must be 18+.

For all piercings under 18, the following materials are required:

  1. Guardian's government-issued ID
  2. Child's birth certificate
  3. Valid government-issued ID for Minor (ex: passport, ID card) 
  4. Minor piercing release form (to be signed upon arrival)

Piercing appointments are booked in 1-hour intervals. Price does not include cost of jewelry.
For lobe piercings: $100 for 1-hour includes consultation, jewelry selection, piercing time, and the cost of 2 first lobe piercings.
For outer helix piercing: $50 for 1-hour includes consultation, jewelry selection, piercing time, and the cost for 1 outer helix piercing.


Book An Appointment

If you would like to proceed with booking an appointment for minor lobe piercings, please visit the appointment page here.

For a minor cartilage piercing, please book an appointment here.

Minor Piercing FAQ

How old does my child have to be to get pierced?
We offer first earlobe piercings for clients who are age 10 at the time of their appointment and outer cartilage piercings to clients who are age 14 and above.

What documents are needed involving minor piercing?
Per Louisiana state law, we need at the time of appointment a valid government issued ID for both the legal guardian as well as the minor. They need to have both a picture and birthdate. The types of ID's typically used are a state ID card or passport. We are required to take copies of these documents for our records, for every procedure performed.

Do you use a piercing gun or needle to pierce minors?
Every piercing performed at Porter Lyons is performed with a pre-sterilized single use needle. They are the only suitable method of performing safe piercings.

What jewelry selection is offered for minor piercings?
We have a wide range in selection of our Threader Flat Back pieces. In your consultation you'll be able to speak with our piercer to make the best selection for their overall anatomy as well as what is going to be best for the initial piercing and healing process.

Do we need to have a consultation?
Yes. We sit down with every child prior to their piercing to ensure the best experience possible. In the consultation we will discuss their anatomy, jewelry selection, how the procedure is performed, what to expect before and after the procedure and full aftercare instructions. We also provide an in person demonstration on how the jewelry is inserted and how to safely remove jewelry.