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Zodiac Necklaces

Inspired by the arrangement of stars that form each zodiac sign, these necklaces are an interstellar symbol perfect for layering with every day jewelry essentials.

Solid gold and diamonds form a collection of constellations perfect for daily wear.

Close-Up of Three Zodiac Constellation Necklaces
Aries Zodiac Constellation Necklace
Libra Zodiac Constellation Necklace

Wearing your feelings takes on new meaning through our latest assortment of Zodiac necklaces. Inspired by the arrangement of stars that form each sign’s constellation, these necklaces are interstellar symbols that can be worn every day. Their linear design frames sparkling stones for a subtle look of luxury.

Solid 14K gold ensures this piece as a staple in your jewelry wardrobe. Each zodiac necklace is available in three metals: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. No matter which you choose, they all will become a favorite when worn alone or as a layering necklace. Enhance a simple two-strand stack with one zodiac necklace and a shorter chain on top. Or try mixing metals for a unique look that is all your own. With a thin, adjustable chain, our zodiac necklaces play nice with other stand-out pieces.

That said, accessories also lend us a way to share who we are beyond words. As each sign highlights a unique set of attributes, zodiac necklaces are the personalized gift of our dreams. They speak to determination (Capricorn) and innovation (Aquarius); intuitiveness (Pisces), courage (Aries), and perseverance (Taurus); intelligence (Gemini) and passion (Cancer); boldness (Leo), hard work (Virgo), and peace (Libra); curiosity (Scorpio) and adventure (Sagittarius).

If you are looking to represent a group of people, like siblings, children, or best friends, consider wearing multiple signs together as a reminder that individual parts fit together as a whole. Altogether, zodiac necklaces are a celestial reminder of what makes us distinct, and make the perfect gift for someone you love.