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Poison Rings

Porter Lyons continues the tradition of the poison ring - jeweled vessels cloaked in mystery.

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Funeral Ring - Porter LyonsFuneral Ring - Porter Lyons

One-Of-A-Kind Poison Rings Inspired by Medieval Jewelry

Cypress Poison Ring
Poison Ring
Funeral Poison Ring

The history of poison rings is steeped in intrigue. And it begins with the name. In the 16th century, they held their moniker. The design of these rings referenced a hidden compartment adorned on the outside with gemstones like onyx, coral, and rock crystal. The stones were considered to add an extra layer of protection against evil or unfortunate circumstances. Some wearers found the ring’s compartment valuable in holding the relics of saints, like bits of hair or teeth. This too was believed to keep wearers safe from harm or disease.

Poison rings have certainly evolved over time. Though their contents once skewed deadly, our modern interpretation takes an aesthetic approach. The vintage design is reborn in solid 14K gold with diamond pave accents covering the lid. Traditional gothic details morph into a relief of the Louisiana bayou, harkening to the foundation of Porter Lyons.

We’ve also envisioned the concealed compartment as a treasure chest, empty save for an engraved phrase: Memento Mori. The Latin saying was a medieval philosophical to “remember your mortality.” It served as a tangible meditation—often in the form of skulls, clocks, and fruit—to breathe more life into the present. To humbly exist with the end in mind. And in doing so, teaches us to focus on what matters and savor our days.

Poison rings are examples of our fine, original jewelry pieces available for pre-order. To that end, they are proof that every finality need not sting or taste bitter. Some can shine brighter than their beginning.