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Emerald Earrings

The ears have it with a winning combination of solid gold and green in our emerald earrings.

Solid gold and lush green are a winning combination in the season’s best emerald earrings.

Close-Up of Several Emerald Earrings
Small Emerald Huggie Hoop
Emerald Snake Ear Cuff

Gold and emerald have long been labeled a striking combination. Widely used in royal jewelry, the emerald is a precious gemstone that speaks to radiance, distinction, and sophistication. Emeralds also open up the heart chakra, promoting calm, balance, wisdom, and patience.

These qualities shine through in our varied collection of emerald earrings. Available in single flat back threaded studs or a striking pair, each crafted in three metal options, Porter Lyons’ emerald earrings solidify their value in every jewelry wardrobe.

Selecting the right jeweled ear piece is a balance between style, setting, and sensibility. We have curated options for every occasion. Those looking to elevate their daily ear stack can seek subtle inspiration in one of our Emerald Huggie Hoops, available in either small or medium. These are perfect doubled in the lobe or as a statement on an outer helix piercing. Heading out for an evening event? The cascading waterfall effect of our Emerald Multi-Shape Drops are an elegant final touch—faceted stones in varying shapes are bezel set in solid gold for emerald earrings with intrigue.

The intensity of emerald’s tone has made it desired throughout history. And there is no reason to shy away from incorporating it into your favorite looks; they give earrings a pop of color that still plays nice with neutral tones. Gemstones add depth and texture to your individual look. As personal style is defined by the things that mean the most to us, emerald earrings are a way to express those values. Find your perfect match in style and post length within our considered collection.