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Sword and Dagger Earrings

Meticulously crafted daggers, inlayed with diamonds, are far from your average sword earrings.

The history of swords and daggers is a broad one, and their use in earrings is symbolic. 

Diamond Sword Earring
Solid Gold and Diamond Sword Earring
Ear Stack With Sword Earring

The popularity of sword or dagger earrings may be attributed to their edge; swords and daggers are some of the earliest known protective gears in history. Often created by hand, they guarded wearers against the dangers of the day. Some historians even believed them to be all-purpose tools. Men and women in the 12th century were known to include them in their daily wardrobe, finding them useful as an eating utensil.

Natural materials like flint, ivory, and bone made up Neolithic prototypes for swords. Copper and iron eventually came into play as superior choices. Our modern interpretation of sword or dagger earrings features a slim profile and lush updates. Crafted in three shades of solid gold, diamonds are inlayed on the blade, with the hilt kept plain for balance. They are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, the perfect choice for sensitive ears.

As a threaded flatback stud, our sword earrings are the right blend of comfort and style. The inclusion of Porter Lyons’ signature backing means you can leave them in for as long as you’d like, without fear of irritation.

Adding a sword or dagger to your ear stack speaks to many qualities. Their history as weaponry makes them a potent symbol of strength and protection. They are also a shrewd nod to nature: their use of natural materials was once thought to require the elements of fire, water, earth, and air. As a religious symbol, swords are a pure tool capable of bringing the truth to light. In every case, sword or dagger earrings dare us to shine.