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Aquamarine Meanings

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“an icon of happiness and ceaseless adolescence”

Due to the gemstones striking oceanic-like color, aquamarine received its name as it was derived from the Latin word for seawater. Various Roman legends believe this stone has the capabilities to absorb the atmosphere of young love. In both ancient times and modern times, this stone is believed to have extreme positivity on the wearer of the gemstone.

Aquamarine is usually more of a clear tone, but its iron intake allows for that ocean-like color. In ancient times, the more green the stone, the more valuable it was. As history began to travel, the most prized stones are the very rich, seawater blue. Its constant array of blue and greens is due to its plethoric effect; meaning the color of the stones transforms depending on the angle it is being looked at. This stone had the amazing capabilities to harmonize exceedingly well with other precious metals.


No matter the different tints in each and every stone, a large display of these stones is similar to revisiting all the bodies of water (you’ve) visited.... lakes, oceans, lagoons or rivers.Aquamarine has the power to soothe and calm nervous tension while aiding to restore communion with inner peacefulness. It is a stone to be the catalyst to realignment when physical or spiritual bodies have suffered misalignment. Bringing a persons courage to the surface, aquamarine promotes motivation and heals to the core at any given level. Holding a role as the shield and protector of oneself, the stone simply promotes well-being and makes the most self-reliant changes to (your) body.

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