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Cocktail Rings 101: The Perfect Party Pairings

For any jewelry addict, an arsenal of cocktail rings is essential. They are the perfect power piece of oversized jewelry I traditionally love to wear on my right pointer finger.  When you find the perfect one that speaks to your soul, you discover a certain amount of playfulness to your identity and a lot about your personal style.    

Blingy and diamond-encrusted? Solid Gold Skull with Emerald Teeth?  These are our cocktail ring selections by cocktail type. Which one are you?  

Creature Feature: Kathleen Currie & Smoke Perfume

Scent is the most triggering sense we have. It has the power to divulge old memories and emotions and transport us through time. My first job ever as a teenager was... Read More
Porter Lyons
Porter Lyons

Aquamarine Meanings

Aquamarine “an icon of happiness and ceaseless adolescence” Due to the gemstones striking oceanic-like color, aquamarine received its name as it was derived from the Latin word for seawater. Various... Read More

Chakra: 101

With each new season comes new opportunities, new growth, and new outlooks. It can also come with a side of pressure; The pressure to make this year better than the last... Read More
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