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Ideal Birthday Gifts for a February Girl - Amethyst Jewelry Pieces

Did you know Saint Valentine always used to wear an amethyst ring with the Cupid carved on it? Yes, that is why Amethyst signifies love. And the gemstone is also... Read More

Mirror House Launch Party: May 21st

MIRROR HOUSE LAUNCH PARTY Friday, May 21st from 3-7PM at 1600 Magazine St. NOLA 70130 Champagne, sweet treats, music + more. Come party with PL! For one day only - BOGO... Read More
Porter Lyons

Facts About Custom Coordinate Bracelets

Are you in search of a soulful jewelry piece? Something meaningful for your loved one? Then custom jewelry pieces like coordinate bracelets, pendants and rings are a great gift option.... Read More

Ward Off Negativity with Evil Eye or Blue Eye Charms

Have you been feeling low and negative? You could be surrounded by negative spirits. To ward these evil spirits off, wear a blue evil eye bracelet! Often represented as a... Read More
Porter Lyons
Porter Lyons

Cocktail Rings 101: The Perfect Party Pairings

For any jewelry addict, an arsenal of cocktail rings is essential. They are the perfect power piece of oversized jewelry I traditionally love to wear on my right pointer finger.  When you find the perfect one that speaks to your soul, you discover a certain amount of playfulness to your identity and a lot about your personal style.    

Blingy and diamond-encrusted? Solid Gold Skull with Emerald Teeth?  These are our cocktail ring selections by cocktail type. Which one are you?  

Creature Feature: Kathleen Currie & Smoke Perfume

Scent is the most triggering sense we have. It has the power to divulge old memories and emotions and transport us through time. My first job ever as a teenager was... Read More
Porter Lyons
Porter Lyons

Aquamarine Meanings

Aquamarine “an icon of happiness and ceaseless adolescence” Due to the gemstones striking oceanic-like color, aquamarine received its name as it was derived from the Latin word for seawater. Various... Read More

Chakra: 101

With each new season comes new opportunities, new growth, and new outlooks. It can also come with a side of pressure; The pressure to make this year better than the last... Read More
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